Heartaches Door

Heartaches Door short poem

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I don’t know what to do sometimes,

When you’re crying in my arms,
All I know is my arm around you,
Will protect you from your harms.

Sitting there just sobbing,
Shaking with your fears,
Making a puddle on my chest,
With cold wet painful tears.

Please don’t cry my baby,
I won’t let you come to harm,
Feel my arms around you,
Feel my heartbeat warm and calm.

We all have times of fear,
Of pain,heartache and woe,
But know this my precious baby,
I’ll hold you and won’t let go.

Your troubles,strife and heartache,
You can tell me in a whisper,
You emotions riding all around,
Like a roller coasting twister.

So let me soothe those tears away,
With a kiss from gentle lips,
Each tear I kiss is gone now,
From the heart string that it rips.

The heartache that you had,
Doesn’t seem so bad at all,
Because I’ll always hold you tight,
And I’ll never let you fall.

I’m always here beside you,
Even when you think all is lost,
I’ll always protect and cherish you,
Know matter what the cost.

So please my precious sweetheart,
Don’t cry those tears anymore,
Feel my arms of love around you,
And close your heartaches door.

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John Summers

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I am a father of 6 children who has had a love of poetry for many years.It wasn't until my fire was rekindled by a fellow poet,good mate and a man who gave me lots of advice at the start,Darren Scanlon.In just over a year i have written 50 poems of all types and am hoping later this year (2015) to publish my first book.
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