Stray Thoughts

Stray Thoughts short poem

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I could understand you
just, your habit to speak
into your collar ashamed
of those eye teeth
never dropped down
to tear into the flesh
of ripe plums or to ring out
against the rim of a glass

not a good start
but you smelled fecund
and your scent lingering
in my office sent me deep
into a dictionary to find
the word for you
your supreme relaxation
molten in my guest chair
telling me half heard things
about your childhood
and making muted
guesses at mine

you can blame the alcohol
or your husband’s
out of town schedule
suffice it best to blame me
my serial dreams
about your smooth brown skin
miles of it
a road from ankle to thigh
that never ended
and I never stopped walking

we share the beauty of failure
all those social
nets traps conventions institutions
they missed us
and fell upon each other
with smoldering weakness
your hesitant tongue
my jagged nail
beneath your breast
it’s criminal
to never tell the tale
to each other
laughing and thrilled
to have had each other once
and not need to again

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a poet from Seattle Washington USA. His poetry has appeared in print in publications such as Bellowing Ark, Point Nopoint, and most recently in Contraposition magazine. When not writing poetry he is a Human Resources professional, a repentant glutton, and a novelist specializing in the weird-fiction genre.
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