Chameleon short poem

Photo by wwarby

I am a chameleon
Changing colors from place to place
and person to person

At the streets I walk navy blue,
Holding back,
Thinking before I act,
Avoiding embarrassment.
At the seaside I step on the grass
As a happy, sunshiny yellow.

At school with teachers,
I shyly camouflage with the grey walls.
Feeling self-doubt
Turns me brownish orange.
Authorities who shout at me
Shut me down.
I cannot talk back
So I turn black.

My best friend lightens me up as a kind pink
Like a white mirror,
Everything bounces off of me.
I reflect the habits of the popular,
Copying the way they talk,
Repeating inside jokes,
Following the fashion style.
But when I sit with outsiders in the cafeteria,
My lizard eyes watch for threats.
On guard I am a nervous red.

When I do not know how to act,
I am a patchwork of yellow and purple that cannot blend.
Hanging out on weekends,
I mix my in and out of school friends.
My summer friends take me for who I am,
So I am sunshine yellow.
My school friends expect me to adapt to peer pressure,
So I am the color purple constantly blending in.

All of my family and friend obligations
Hit me like the ocean tide.
I am dark blue, the color of deep guilt.

So I return to my room where the personal freedom
Transforms me warm sky blue.
My mind is clear inside dreams.

I am an empty rainbow.

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