Funeral Of The Lamp

Funeral Of The Lamp long poem

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I can’t imagine the world without you my friend
My dearest snow-hued table lamp
My universe is literally pitch-black without your glow
I really can’t bear to let you go

Thank you for being my best mate for 11 years
I appreciate how you illuminate away my darkest fear
When nyctophobia haunts me down in the hall
You are that strong hand that lifts me up from my fall

Your soft illumination breathed life into many of my best ideas
I can see your light bouncing off each syllabus in joy
I feel your warm, sweet embrace intensifying through the years
The trinkets of moments spent with you is one hobby I enjoy

But, all good things must come to an end
It was a very abrupt halt for you indeed
Someone stepped on your wire of life
Instead of tripping him, you chose to die
You plunged from the edge of the desk
Ending your life in one chaotic mess

Your feather glass white tutu touches the cold, hard floor
The thin strands of the crack quickly spread throughout it
It all happened in a cold deserted moor
Somewhere called the unlit table side
Each satin thread of the swan feather tutu came loose

The metal frame punctured through the silk cloth
Ripping holes in its smooth, delicate flesh
He tried in vain to save you, but it’s like that moth
Who leaps against the fiery lamp, only to get a nasty gash

And it snowed little white slivers by the window
You suffered a huge angry purple bruise
But a ballerina without a tutu is just a mere shadow
No one likes a naked swan, let alone an injured one
What more one with shattered confidence
One who wallows in incompleteness and self-despise

My friend will never be the same
She will never again respond to her name
Now, in her place is an intruder with a hammerhead
She’s happy on the job, like she’s just newly wed
But I don’t feel her in my papers
Her elation is stagnant. It instantly evaporates like vapor.

I will stop all the clocks put a pause to celebration
For my heart has suffered a severe abrasion
The sorrow sloughed through my guts and I’m afraid to say
My dear friend has left me forever today.

I can’t imagine a world without you my amigo!
My beloved cream colored table lamp
I’ll send you off today, and please, boldly go!
Brighten up the horizons in heaven, turn up the amps
Rock it off my sweetheart
You are magical, a work of divine art.
I will visit you in the cemetery as long as I can
For you are my angel that heaven has sent
There will be red roses on the side of your grave
For in the last moment of your life,
You were so kind-hearted and certainly so brave.

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Semi-sweet and a little nutty. Introverted, socially awkward, but still easy-going and loves penning short legacies in poetry. Big on all things red, and passionate about music. Down-to-earth and enjoys short walks in mother nature's embrace. Smile people, today's going to be a great day. Try stuff you've never tried, go places, venture abroad and live a life you will remember.
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A table lamp as a sweet friend…very innovative and heart-rending:)


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