Craters From The Deep

Craters From The Deep short poem

Photo by SmithGreg

Trickling down the sensual masterpiece which is my skin
Glides an unsung hero
Making its way with no complaint
Born today, only to die again

I wish to savour each crater
Exuding forth from my pores
To lock in all its beauty
But I must allow nature to takes its course

The lighthouse guides the wooden fish
Guiding when none can be seen
Such are you to me
For in times of doubt, the sight of you is all I need

You are the symptom to the flu
Showing not that I am unhygienic
But that finally
Hard work can physically be seen

So I shall wait on you each day
Trusty old friend
And when I see you again
We will push on
Unto the next day, where we shall start all over again

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A well-deserving ode towards something as natural and part of life as sweat.. honestly, I enjoyed reading your poem!


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