Foolish Me

Foolish Me prose poem

Photo by Diamond Farah

You said I was weak so I was afraid to lift myself up.
You said I was ugly so I despised my reflection.
You said no one loved me so I hated myself.
You said I was only a dreamer so I feared sleeping.
You said I couldn’t make it so I stopped dead in my tracks.
I became weak.
I could feel your teeth upon my flesh biting me to corpse.
I was lashed by your words but I was enslaved by my own thoughts.
Darkness forced itself through my mental bars.
The night was all I could see.
I could only feel the earth’s heart beat, I couldn’t hear it anymore because my own silence made me deaf.
I was ashamed of me for really listening to you.

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3 Comments on "Foolish Me"

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

@nike_eema, the stimuli of the outside world usually bear much on our beings if we let them to. Confidence on yourself could alleviate this feeling of depression. And having realized yourself that you have been wrongly influenced by negative attributes cast on your being is the first step to be free from this prison. Interesting write you have here.

Saurin Desai

reminds me of the saying: you fool me once, shame on you… very interestingly written


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