I Wonder

I Wonder short poem

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I wonder what the outside world looks like,
I wonder how life outside moves on.
I wonder how I will survive there,
I wonder whether I will be able to grow there.

Oh Mother ! I feel safe inside you,
I have seen the world through your eyes.
These nine months are coming to an end,
I wonder whether it’s an End or just a new Beginning.

There is anxiety, hope, fear & faith,
Mother, I don’t know what is my fate.
But you loved me and taught me to believe,
I’ll love you more and never leave.
I want to see this world with you,
I want to grow and play with you.
I wish what I have dreamt comes true,
I wish to wonder more of it, Mother, as I Love You.

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Geetha Paniker


Desiree Brooks



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