Black And White

Black And White long poem

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Black and white, our favorite colors I write to
feel alright, but it’ s hard to write right, my
favorite duress, its my plight and it lasts all
through the night even during the day
sometimes, even to date but I don’t regret, you
can even congratulate at times
Black and white, tell me you are alright, the cold
fire is burning as I am yearning, earning and
learning, the hot ice is freezing as I am bleeding ,
they succeeded in misleading, planting seeds of
misdeeds, causing me to misread the scriptures,
God’ s inscriptions
Black and white, what’s wrong and what’s right ,
every day, every night , I go through this fight but
it’s alright , this is my life and am on the fast
lane , taking off like an airplane
Black and white, let’s reach for greater heights ,
like the Lakers, God is our maker so if they
won’t give, we will be takers and beg God to
forgive, Walk like king Kong , forget your
fights , Walk like warriors , not born to run , open
doors like ding dong , then we have only begun
Black and white, let our spirits take flight , We
should be carriers of affection, like infections
like bacteria but some want to be barriers of
passion , what is the criteria? spreading hate like
an infection , then we have only succumb
Black and white, no sound, all is quiet , Food for
thought , everybody has come around town , tired
of being down, came for a party to make their
lives hearty, everybody brought something , my
poetry is all I got and brought just like Edgar
Allen Poe , it is better than nothing, these are
words from a trendsetter making life better
Black and white, trapped by the city lights, follow
the lights to find your delight , I am strapped
bursting with might , Looking at my life through
the mirror of the years, oh yeah ! Am God’s
reflection , funny I think am perfection, every year
we celebrate Christ’s resurrection still we are acting
with such abomination, sending bombs upon
Black and white, what a sight , that causes us to
ignite, Food for thought, I never met the sister
but I want her and am going to kiss her like I
missed her, please we have got history so for the
record am still a real mister
Black and white, let’s ride onto new plains and let
memories sip from our veins , nothing is in vain ,
let me explain , we are all the same and will
always remain .

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Funkekeme Akposeye

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I am an easy going person who loves poetry and music,love making new friends and experiencing different cultures and I respect people's decisions and emotions as long as they respect mine am an african and i believe everything i can,i am yearning,learning and earning knowledge in search of peace and wisdom and when i write is when i feel alright.This poems and pages are dedicated to my family, friends, and anyone that appreciates life's joys. I hope these pages make you smile, reminisce, and perhaps shed a tear.
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