Thankful long poem

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They called me a lunatic
They told that my ideas were unrealistic
They concluded that my opinions were inappropriate
They condemned me that I was doomed to hell

I knew that I was sane
I told myself that my ideas were realistic
I concluded that my opinions were appropriate
I applauded myself that I will live in a heaven of my own

They spent their days living by principles
They mocked their peers in their absence
They called themselves innovative
They claimed themselves to be true to the end

I spent the days living by creativity
I stood for my peers in their absence
I don’t know if I qualified for being innovative
I don’t require badges to prove that I’m a true one

They can call me a lunatic
It’s their freedom I don’t mind
They can call me unrealistic
It’s their freedom I don’t mind
They can conclude my opinions
It’s their freedom I don’t mind
They can condemn me
It’s their freedom I don’t mind

I don’t mind living according to my creativity
I don’t need others opinions to stand for my peers
I don’t need a badge or a certificate to accredit my works

All I need is that at the end of the day my soul says:
Amidst a field of countless failures and a few successes
I am glad that my opinions never changed with the state of happiness or sadness
I am glad that I didn’t let circumstances rule my opinions
Rather let my opinions to be led by wisdom and creativity
I am glad that I didn’t rage when situations turned upside down
I am glad that I wasn’t overjoyed when things went fantastic
I am glad that in grief and in success, in company and in solitude, in emptiness and in fullness,
I was in the same state of thankfulness for this Life I am gifted with.

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Such true words! In the end, all that matters is how satisfied and happy our soul is! Beautifully written!


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