Nature’s Masterpiece: The Child

Natures Masterpiece: The Child long poem

The Child…
Nature’s complex and fascinating
bundle of joy….
begins his exploratory
itinerary of Life
in the big world,
outside the shelter …
of his mother’s arms…
the inexhaustible personality of
Nature around him!!

Looking around …he sees Nature,
celebrate the birth of dawn
by copying on to the Eastern horizon..
the very same multicolored
crayon patterns,
chaotic designs and forms
scribbled and scrawled
and copyrighted by him
on the walls of its house…


the child wonders….
“How come Nature’s mom is not
berating the Sun for scribbling on the sky?”
He queries..”Is it right to copy my copyright?”

With fascination, Nature’s sweetheart..
the child …learns that the Sun sincerely rises,
every morning in the East
and sets every evening in the West…

Trying to fathom the genesis behind
this everyday phenomenon…
the child…takes his first step into the
world of fantasy …
“Well…I believe, that’s what mom would
call as unquestioned obedience!
But…I wonder, whose order is the Sun
obeying so sincerely?”

Dusk sets in …when a cloud blindfolds the moon,
blanketing the night into darkness
and plays Blind Man’s Bluff with the stars….
and…Nature’s odd mixture of curiosity
and inquisitiveness…the child
inquires of his mother ..
“mom…do they cheat …like my friends do?”

In answer…the moon peeps from behind the cloud!

Nature’s natural explorer..the child…
continues its journey of discovery…
pulling a cookie apart and savoring
the sweetness of the jam in between…
gleefully plucking a flower
and nipping its petals one by one
to discover where from the fragrance
tapping the piano keys to compose
his own melody called rhymes…
stepping into dad’s shoes and stumbling around..
concocting mischief with ease…
as only a child can…

the infinite curiosity of the infant
inspires Nature
the questioning wonder in the baby’s eyes
provokes Nature
the apprehensive reactions of the tiny tot
learning the acrobatics of crawling,
sitting up, toddling around and tip toeing
motivates Nature
the pleading cry of the toddler
seeking reassurance and security
in his mom’s embrace
touches Nature and makes it think.

The child learning the business of living
enthuse the human in Nature ..
to search and research
delve and explore;
probe and discover
its own intricacies,
to conceive and create
from its fundamentals,
Masterpieces of Nature: the Child!

Nature wants its child
to grow in harmony
with nature…because
everything about the child
is natural and it fascinates
the child in us
…the child is Nature’s Masterpiece.

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Savi Mani

Dear Viswas Menon @Vistar read and re-read the poem to grasp the meaning behind this beautiful poetry……… true like Gods other creations, Gods masterpiece……the nature which changes and transforms into eternal everlasting beauty……..a child is also one of the masterpiece of the Creator…but the innocence of the child is snatched by worldly woes……he is thrown into a world of artificiality …a world of hate, anger enmity……and who teaches the innocent child all this…….it is us grown ups……..who like it has devastated the beauty of nature…..scarring it forever…….also destroys the innocence of the child…….nice wonderful poem…….very true……..very heart touching ……… your own unique style……

ammu sachariah

another wonderful poem from you…….Viswas Menon


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