Yes A Woman

Yes A Woman short poem

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Yes I am a woman,
Married and with children.
And you say you are attracted to me-
Well I doubt what’s there to attract?

I am age over to be attracted.
My beauty fades every day with my chores,
My eyes just the reflection of wavering moods-
They might sparkle and next second fill tears!

But every day you say I attract you,
And surely I assume,
It’s just physical.
You seek just the bodily pleasure!

I wouldn’t much think on my assumption,
I know I am right.
Because I am a Woman and that makes,
Me understand you are a Man.

A man with unbridled emotions and passions,
A handsome man every woman shall fall for.
I am too old to rise if I fall-
I have fallen more than any woman might have!

It’s a waste of time of yours,
To play with the attraction word!
Because I am an intricate woman,
Who can read the mind of a lascivious man!

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12 Comments on "Yes A Woman"

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ammu sachariah

Well written Laya. I liked it.

Geetha Paniker

Wow! That’s a daring one.

Funkekeme Akposeye

A classic poem!

nike eema

Yes amazingly written!!!

Viswas Menon

nice …open and candid..

Ramapriya Nr

The poem is an eye opener to men who flirts with married woman . The essence of the poem is very realistic and true. The word Love has lost its sanctity and in fact in the present day context it means lust and not true love. Falling in love is not a crime but with a perverted intention is surely un pardonable. Of course a married man or woman could never ever fall truly in Love because they would have already shared physical and emotional intimacy with their life partners. Hearty congrats for a well written,meaningful poem


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