Embracing The Sea

Embracing The Sea short poem

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Sensuous touch of sea
Waves whispering to me
Enfold me in its close embrace
Stirring my soul
With eternal joy.

Every grain of sand
Tells a story
As the voice of sea
Speaks to my soul
Of passions in life.

Waves kiss my toes,
Leaving ripples in sand,
That tingles my feet,
Erasing all footprints,
Casting a spell on me.

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6 Comments on "Embracing The Sea"

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The vast sea, charming and mysterious – took me to a seaside for a while:)

ammu sachariah

Geetha I enjoyed the sensuous touch of the sea. the waves kissed on my toe also made me happy.

Laya Sarath

🙂 touched 🙂


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