Snakes In The Garden

Snakes In The Garden short poem

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar 

I have a lush green garden full of
Charming snakes,
Their frightful sight can give heart attacks.
Though in appearance attractive and sleek,
Their dominance can make your life very bleak.
My garden attracts them to fulfil their greed,
They approach frequently to satisfy their needs.
Staring lustfully at the fruits of my labour,
They visit my garden to seek all pleasures.
Jealous and greedy they appear as armed robbers,
Rule my garden and snatch my treasures.
Gasping and panting for new glittering gifts,
They will use their clever wits.
As the jaggery basin is full of ants,
They surround my orchard,
My mind goes on haunt.
Mostly snakes are gorgeous and attractive,
Sleek with multicolour designs, but fatally destructive.

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Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

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I am a graduate in psychology from Aligarh Muslim university Aligarh.I got my early education from Lucknow and Faizabad.I started writing poetries from the age of seventeen.i've written1000 poems in English and Urdu.still scribbling more poems.
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An interesting analogy between snakes and an evil mind…loved it!

ammu sachariah

good one.


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