Color Of Motherhood

Color Of Motherhood short poem

I was once asked –
If you were to paint motherhood
What colour would you use, my friend?
Would it be yellow, bright and sunny?
Would it be green, full of life and promise?
Would it be blue, an intellectual color?
Or would it be a bright fiery red, signifying action?
I thought long and hard and decided
Motherhood is not just one color
It is more than just yellow, green, red or blue
What if I mixed up all the colors ?
And so, my friend, I mixed
A dab of yellow, a touch of green
A stroke of blue and a drop of red
I continued mixing, until
I saw, different colors no more
What I saw, though was the true color of motherhood
Beautiful, alluring, humble, all encompassing – BLACK

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Lakshmi Narayanan Chittor

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A computer professional was my previous avatar! Took a break from work when ,my second daughter was born. Soon daughter number three was born and have been home for six glorious years in which I have dabbled in many creative pursuits, poetry writing being one of them.
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Very well described on the subject of motherhood…touched my heart



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