The mystery of misery,
Unfolds its wings daily,
Striking a thought in my head,
What is it that we dread?

Is it the want to breathe,
Or the luxury at seas,
Why do we run for glitter,
When life itself gives jitters,

What dazzles me more,
Than a crowd filled galore,
Is the thought of life and death,
Is it now or is it ahead?

Are we living for death?
And what waits ahead,
Or is it the life,
And the reasons we strive?

When the heaven’s doors opened,
Did we know what waits on the other end?
Or do we choose what to see,
When our vision bleaks?

Questions stay unanswered,
Mind stays battered,
To solve the mystery of misery,
That unfolds its wings daily.

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There are indeed a million questions that batter the mind…will we ever get answers?


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