I’m Not Dead

A new twilight I see each day,
Through the echos of broken mirrors,
The whites are all blood stained,
The lights are getting dimmer

The wounds are fresh and open,
The glass so clear and sharpened,
As they pierce through my skin,
The pain I feel, deepens

Every step that I take,
Leaves a mark in red,
Every move I make,
reassures me, I’m not dead

Seldom a thought seeds in my mind,
What if, just what if,
This is the end of line,
Am I close to achieving the heavenly bliss

Would I be running away from my sin,
Or is it the price to pay,
Was I always living,
Or dead did I lay…

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3 Comments on "I’m Not Dead"

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Dr. K.S. Bhardwaj

The poem brims with existentialism and keeps the poet active in spite of all odds. Congrats Rajat.

Shamala Chandran

Nice thoughts expressed here….what is this life and where are we going?


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