Never Die

Never Die short poem

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Just when I had lost all hopes,
I saw a shining light,
My empty life was bright,
And I held the heavenly ropes.
The darkness turned to bright blue skies,
The numbness was cracked,
My life was filled with butterflies,
The joys were hatched.
I felt the feeling I had lost,
I could see love like it never was,
I found a reason to smile,
Never knew that it would stay only a while.
The blue skies got dense,
I could hear only silence,
The shining light faded away,
The sadness was back to stay.
Out of the emptiness,
And hollow darkness,
Came a dagger,
Through my flesh and bone, and further.
The razor-sharp edges,
Went deep in and through my heart,
It felt like a million pieces,
Of a shattered glass,
Like a river, I blended through my heart,
With my hands tied apart,
A steel knife ripped my chest open,
A hammer left my bones broken.
I closed my eyes,
To bid the final goodbye,
But all I saw was a face,
A face with a holy smile,
A smile that will last forever,
A smile that made me a lover,
A lover whose love will never die…

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Shamala Chandran

Beautiful thoughts…life is but a series of ups and downs…


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