Story Of A Butterfly

Story Of A Butterfly short poem

Photo by Beegee49

On a bright summer afternoon,
Sometime around July
I saw something like a cocoon,
About to be a butterfly

At the break of the night,
On the 16th day
It took its first flight,
Towards the skies far away
With all its energy and hope,
It flapped its wings
But there was a rope,
Tied to the left-wing

The rope was strong,
As it came from the past
The right one took it on,
To cut it until he lasts
The left-wing lies helpless,
The right one tried and tried
The left-wing saw the stress,
And helped give it a fight
The right one saw the effort,
And tried even harder
They finally could make the rope hurt,
And flew a bit farther
But fate had it against them,
They couldn’t touch the skies
There was something hidden between them,
That made the right one cry
The left one couldn’t let go,
Off the evil, wicked rope
The right one started bleeding though,
But he couldn’t give up the hope
The right one started to rip off,
But the left one couldn’t let go
The right one finally ripped off,

And we all know what happened hence forth
I pray for the left one,
I pray for the butterfly
May she find the right one,
May she touch the bright blue skies

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Shamala Chandran

A touching story indeed! you are lucky to witness such beauty.



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