Keep Walking

Keep Walking short poem

Photo by Ella’s Dad 

What shall I say to those with pride who too
live at the edge with their backs against the fact!
Just because you are hurt it doesn’t mean you will become violent!
Just because you are shut it doesn’t mean you will remain silent!
Keep your eyes open and look around for the flourishment!
Cause as you stare you’ll feed the hunger of your contentment!
You may not bring the passion from the vision in the dark night!
but still you can awaken your heart to dream in the day light!

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Bilal Strife

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my name is bilal.Iam 24 years old.I would like to sail further with my imagination to come up with collection of expressions which I call "dairy poetry experience".
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Saurin Desai

Nice. I especially like the line “live at the edge with their backs against the fact!”


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