Nympharum Venari

Cu-sith roam and howl to the moon
Venting their anger in audible form
Across the woods their voices roam
Sending chills to those in their home.
Spoken of as legends and myth
The Cu-sith chase and hunt
Magic in their yellow glowing eyes
Fast as the wind strength lie in numbers
Silver coats flash through the dark
Like lightening bolts burning the grass.
Butterflies began to gather in great abundance
Covering trees,flowers and bending branches
Almost to breaking point.
Upon their backs rode the warriors of fae
Weapons shining silver and gold
Helms and cloaks glinting and bright
Gathering together in their clans.
Deep in the darkest regions of the woods
They came together with serious mein
A threat had gathered in their domain
From the past this threat had grown
Over centuries nursing its wrath
Now again came the Cu-sith walking
Along the dark ways on warring path.
Their howls heard at darkest hour
Wilting will and spring flower.

Along the sunshine way snarling and salivating
Scorching trees and turning green grass black
Horrible and ugly weapons carried
Great scyths and goring hooks
Cruel axes and hammers cold
They seemed to float with malicious intent
Their magic powerful like lightning bolt
Flashing and turning the air sour
Making it hard for fae to breathe.
Spreading out like malicious cloud
Throughout the woods bringing disease
They floated like will o wisp eyes shone
And screaming fear into every heart
Silently charged towards the Fae.
On either flank the butterfliers zoomed
Towards the spectral evil host
Silver darts filled the air
Raining death on the heads of Cru-sith
From the centre horns blew
And cavalry on pure white unicorn
With horns of twisted gold
Hooves thundering on forest floor
Elven riders with slashing swords
Charging down the Cru-sith ranks.
Scattering the evil to the air
In less than a day the battle was oer
The fae had triumphed lances lowered
Sat on their thrones of bleached white wood
Shining brightly with gentle smiles
With grateful thanks they thanked them all
Delphinus and Honeysuckle Nostorium
Mother and Father of all fair folk
Listened to the victory song
That lilted and wafted in the breeze.
Safe again from evil intent
Cru-sith dispelled to hidden realms
To tend their wounds and nurse their wrath
To plan again an invasion path
Finally to rid this world of beauty and light.

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Andrew Provan McIntyre

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Travelled this lifes journey for sixty-two years, been married for forty=one years. We produced two children , a daughter and a son.Our Daughter has four children and my son has one. i am a commited Celtophile and love Viking myth and life.
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Loved your poem! Keep writing!