The prayer of a leader

The prayer of a leader long poem

The power that is with me
Is not of my decision
And the fame given me
Is not of my choice

Man have done wrong
Betrayed and denied with purpose
Killed and have killed more
Murdered souls out of greed
Stuck death by guilt for pride
And with pride they have shed innocent’s blood

They have profaned
So to embrace their professions
Places without any positions.
In words and in deeds
They mock justice
And now they live to taste the dose of their own medicine

Hiroshima and Nagasaki perished
Just like Sodom and Gomorrah
But they still will not listen
They adore sin
Mortal they are they never repent.
Out of their tongue they curse
Speaking words of regret
Misusing wisdom in malevolence
And this is intolerable before thy throne.

But Lord, may I speak?
Is this the reason why many die at your sword?
So to warn the born free
Is this the reason why many perish?
By all the tragedy and uncertain causes of death
Is this the reason why man has become victim of his own invention?
So to remind them no power is greater than yours
In Heaven and on Earth

In words and in deeds
They have done you wrong
But Lord, allow me to speak!
Forgive your people for the wrong they have done.
Give them the wisdom to repent and faith in you
That they may breathe your breath
And let your will be done amen
Remind them Lord
That you are the Lion of Judah
Show it through your creation and all your declarations
Lord, move in the midst of your people
To answer their prayers I beseech you
To improve their faith by your word
So the healing of the soul is efficient.

Lord bless all behind my throne,
For my struggle is their struggle.
For a loss to me, is poverty to them.
Give them your understanding,
Till we enter Canaan.
For the Joy of the Lord is our strength.
Amen and Amen.

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Poet, Word Composer, Writer, Speaker, an All-round Activist.I love poetry for in thee I find solace and peace. I find a platform to express myself without limits and share courage without denial. I have published two books. My Quiet Place and Confiance; an anthology of poems and a novel respectively, which are already on sale. I will never stop writing because I have already started......
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Such a beautifully wrought verse about the helplessness of one who views destruction and evil..Your words will resonate in all those who seek peace @monica


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