I stand alone at the busy street
The street is crowded with footprints
Vehicles and the blowing horns
But I feel all alone.
The light of life goes away from my eyes
I feel death comes to me with a crown.
I am waiting for the last bell of my heartbeat
My voice will be stopped forever
You feel my breath no more.
I know, when I lay down lonely
No one will be ready to come with me
I know the shadow of my past
Is going to fall on me soon
I know, you have to move on in life without me.
My smiles and tears
Will be drawn with colors
I can see the moment
I hang on the walls
And only the shadows of me remain.

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ammu sachariah

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I was working as the head teacher of a high school for many years.I have written many poems in English, Urdu and Malayalam. But i never had the confidence to bring it to the public .Better to say, i never tried for it due to lack of confidence.Now i got a platform to bring myself forward.Thanks to the editorial board of high on poems.I enjoy reading and writing.
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14 Comments on "Shadow"

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True, the journey of life ends in a lonely journey…very touching!

Viswas Menon

Well written…thoughts about the only thing that life guarantees….

Laya Sarath

Wonderful Aunty..Only the shadow remain with us forever…rest everything ..they just come and go..everything…

Geetha Paniker

The ultimate truth of life…conveyed beautifully Ammu.


Marvelous words!

ramakrishnan chatakondu

Only the shadows of me will remain…..
………..through them to my dear ones my blessings also will remain as long as this earth exists .


Savi Mani

Dear Ammu my apologies for coming so late, …….a poem deep with emotions and in life ……..death is the only truth………..the picture hung on the wall does not only represent a person who is dead, the picture on the wall is symbolic of the actual person he/she was………the good deeds which are carried forward forever….the only truth which remains long after the person is gone,…..the shadows of the person’s past good deeds……the picture on the wall is a kind of blessing (as my dear friend Ramakrishnan so well said) the blessings being there as long as the relations exist……….a time comes in our life when our physical shadow too leaves us but not the shadow our our good work……….wonderful poem……….very well written…….liked it Ammu loved it………


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