Care short poem

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I met myself the other day,
In the mirror giving me a stare,
Asking me questions in despair,
Asking me if I really care?
I looked away, outta the window,
And the world has changed,
In my backyard, I see blood flow,
I see a million lives chained,
I see children crying,
I see the fauna dying,
And yet again I run away,
Thinking to myself, why should I care?
I step outside with my dog,
And the road ahead is too long,
It used to be empty,
But now it’s clogged,
There’s smoke all around me,
Not a bird I can see,
No longer I can stay,
So I turned around thinking,
Why should I care?
As I climb up the stairs to work,
I feel the trembling jerk,
I see the structure shaking,
Yet I keep on walking,
There’s a noise on the floor,
Of shattering windows and banging door,
But I see nobody move,
I see everybody playing cool,
I got work to do, got reports to prepare,
So I just don’t care
It’s time I reach back home,
All to myself, all alone,
To a wreckage of broken chairs,
Through the broken roof, I see the sky so clear,
And yet again I don’t care
We live in a world where,
Nobody cares,
There’s no pain, no remorse,
Nobody shares,
We live like zombies,
Of ‘Love’ we’re scared,
Killing in the name of the Lord,
In the name of colour, dark or fair,
We need to do better,
We need to start to care…

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Care short poem

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