A Longing Whisper

A Longing Whisper short poem

Photo by x1klima

A longing whisper in the heart,
When pain oozes,
Leaving a trail of,
Untold feelings.

The emptiness gnaws,
The lonely soul,
That cries for a smile,
When memories fail to soothe.

Glaciers of the heart,
Melt into tears,
With a song in the soul,
That none care to listen.

A stab of icy pain,
Deep in the core,
Of a reality,
That is far beyond reach.

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6 Comments on "A Longing Whisper"

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Keith Wilson

Strong emotions in raw content, Well written. “Emptiness gnaws” speaks so clear to this state.


The pain of loneliness is so felt in this poem…leaves me thinking about it for a long long time…

ammu sachariah

well written Geeta.



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