My Teenage Beauty

My Teenage Beauty short poem

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To entice by charm – Princess Ana,
My teenage beauty.
Never meant harm – singing Hosanna,
She really is a cutie.

Both met in a church – In her fairness,
I wished her for a mate.
She was in search – To her awareness,
For the exact same fate.

She was my first – Always exciting,
Since the very start.
Her beauty coerced – Always inviting,
My very weak heart.

Her loveliness so fair – Never for rent,
Such a divine belle!
A distinct fragrance in the air – Her scent,
Such a divine smell!

Her appeal desirable – my discontent,
Many men I had to fight.
Three times reconcilable – Her content,
I loved her with all my might.

I’d fight a thousand more,
It was all worth the while.
She was never a bore,
And always made me smile.

We lusted in sin – our years of teen,
In adolescent confusion.
Our love grew thin – three years it has been,
Until all came to a conclusion.

And before dawn – Down streams,
An unforgettable jaunt.
Seventeen years gone – My dreams,
You still haunt.

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6 Comments on "My Teenage Beauty"

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Memories of a long lost love, still afresh in the garden of the mind….so close to reality…

ammu sachariah

some times the memories haunt us very badly. some memories are lovely too………………….good one.

Viswas Menon

wonderful work …takes one on a nice path of imagination…of how your love was…


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