The Question

The Question long poem

Does God truly exist?
The question of all ages.
He says that He created this world,
Yet we never see Him here, we only hear His praises.

A child gets raped,
Her father was the rapist.
The third world is suffering,
Our nation has been taken.

How then, can all these things occur?
When God claims to be the most supreme and loving being?
The truth is
That He lives through you and me.

We are His hands, and we are His feet,
chosen to carry out His holy deeds.
He needs us obedient, loving and at His feet.
He knows best. He gives us life. We trust Him in all things.
For He is our Holy Shepherd and we are His willing sheep.

But do not be mistaken,
The Holy One does not abide in impure men.
Therefore, wash the soles of your mind
And keep the soul in good hygiene.

Brother, never despise the sinner,
Hate only what he does.
Always give a helping hand to those in the dark,
For God’s rain pours on both the wicked and the good man’s land.

We cause pain to one another, so we should also fix it.
Never blame the Lord, for He put it in your mind to fix it.
We give our lives to the Lord,
For in giving up our lives, we have finally found it.

The Lord’s saints will live forever.
That is why our physical deaths would be such a pleasure.
It is our greatest gain,
For we shall spend forever with our saviour.

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God works through us! Beautiful thought behind the poem!


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