“They told me they were leaving”,
He said, with trembling hands.
“I believed them but I shouldn’t have,
They still taunt me every day.”

Stories like these, numerous I’ve heard-
Of shadows long and shadows dark.
These voices, shrieks of fear unheard,
Locked away, deep in their hearts.

Here’s a girl too scared to talk,
Of the touch she felt the other day.
The imprint of a hand lay on her bust,
Her fear, her demon, she can’t slay.

There’s a guy, shy and quiet,
Ragged and bullied every day.
He knows no one, and no one cares;
He’s too timid to lay the blame.

She has a job now, she’s out of school,
And all she feels is pain.
Not physical ones but ones far worse;
They plague her every step she takes.
She’s climbing on the ladder of success, people point and say,
“She got high ‘coz she got low, she ain’t got the brains!”

He’s a rich man now,
Neither timid nor scared.
But somewhere he lost his away-
He grew up violent, took bribes and changed,
Corrupt and powerful, he is the bully today.

Somewhere along the line, she tied the knot,
With a man twice her age.
She was forced, everyone knows-
But who would dare to stand
Up for her rights and her voice-
She lays there, raped on her wedding day,
“Marital rape is not a crime”, HER MAN smirks and says.

The bully now drinks, bashes his family at night.
Power and pride got to his brain.
An alcoholic is what he is now-
And it’s what’ll cause the tombstone to lay.

The shadows have laid cast on their lives,
For the bleakest light they have yearned.
Those memories, those bleeding scars,
Stayed with them, every minute, every day.

In all their lives, they couldn’t get past,
The darkness pinned to their feet.
And when finally they’ll be laid in the earth,
Their shadows will remain unslayed.

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Poem laced with fear and thrill! Wonderful!


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