God’s Masterpiece

Gods Masterpiece short poem

Nature …God’s eternal artisan
knows not the language of consistency…

every second it…

…the grace of a flying seagull

…the silence of the dark moon eclipsed by the cotton clouds

….the vibrancy of the morning sun on a dew drop

….the melody of a cuckoo’s orchestra

…the sparkling stars on the ripples of the sun drenched lake

…the delicate softness of the tender rose petal

…the spectrum of the rainbow in the monsoon mist

…..the fragrances of the Jasmine from the moon drops

….the rich blue of the sea from the shade of the sky

…time into the grains of the desert sand….

and when God wakes up from His slumber
He awes at the masterpieces of Nature…..
….tosses His paint brushes ….
……picks up a Nikon
and starts MAKING Pictures
…..posts in His profile
on the wall of Earth!!
and ….a Million LIKES are clicked
all over the Universe!!!

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8 Comments on "God’s Masterpiece"

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Savi Mani

Dear Viswas @vistar… a wonderful poem on Gods creation, the master of all creators, the maker of this beautiful world and the eternal beauty with changes and mesmerizes all every second…….from morning till evening and carried to the night there is masterpieces of natures artistry all over for us to enjoy but alas we humans tend to destroy the masterpieces created by our creator for us only………specially liked the lines
and when God wakes up from His slumber
He awes at the masterpieces of Nature…..
….tosses His paint brushes ….
……picks up a Nikon
and starts MAKING Pictures
…..posts in His profile
on the wall of Earth!!…………..
awesome poem on the beauty of nature….and the creation of our creator…….

ammu sachariah

A very beautiful poem on the beauty of nature. I appreciate your talent to write in such an attractive way.


This is so beautifully written 🙂


There’s never an ending to when we describe the work of god…the nature around…everything around us…the poem is another beautiful piece of nature at work:)


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