I Remember You Dear Amma

I Remember You Dear Amma long poem

I will miss you till my last breath dear Amma
I breath in each breath in remembrance of you dear Amma

Growing up as a child in the family of five
I worshiped you mother taking on life without any strife
My young heart understood you were so young
A mother of four at the mere age of twenty two
We often teased you is that Mumtaz Mahal reborn as you
It was quite difficult for young you to take care of us
Yet you showered your love equally on all of us

remembered the day it rained heavily
returning from school I got wet thoroughly
you smiled at me said go change your dress
come fast to the kitchen
a special dessert has been prepared for all of you
Later in life I had eaten that dessert so many number of times
never found the taste of that particular rainy day in them
The wonderful evening snack you used to prepare
I asked Amma you never eat this
Why prepare it’s so time consuming
You smiled your beautiful enchanting smile
said so what if I don’t eat
You children love it so I want to give you all a treat

Dad was strict, taller and strong
You were small, petite yet stricter in your own way
You kept vigil on us to see nothing goes wrong

Time flew Dad went early
Your life centered around us children
Forgetting your own loss slowly modestly

Then remember the day your health started suddenly falling
got the shocking news you may soon be leaving
Had never known what Cancer could do to a person
We all children prayed for you, cried for you in unison
We watched you suffering we watched you ailing
We watched you helpless, suffered with your suffering
realising you are soon leaving , tears trickling down your eyes
you wished to be bathed and helped to be taken to the worship room
I heard you praying for all of us, not a word for yourself
That was the epitome of the divinity of motherhood etched on my heart till this day
Weak hands folding stumbling with no strength
You prayed to God for the welfare of your children
Such was your faith

We watched you inching towards death slowly
Crying helplessly
lifted you in my arms when you were gasping for breath
the same way you had lifted me when I was a little beth
you opened your eyes just once to look at me
God it was so shocking I saw death in those lovely eyes
rushed you to the hospital knowing there is nothing anyone can do
time had come for you to leave us time had come for you to go
you left us for your heavenly abode
leaving behind the harsh reality that we are now orphaned

yet there is a ray of hope in the dark gloomy sky of life
someone had once said when we leave this world and go to that world
our parents stand there to welcome us with open hands
I am waiting for that day to come when I will throw myself at your feet
touching your feet embracing you up there I will be happy to say
Oh mother, I have finally come to thee……

Poet’s Note:
To see your mother the epitome of beauty the epitome of motherhood and divinity slowly inching towards death ….watching her being engulfed by death……slowly helplessly is one scar life has given me. I remember my Amma always….had written this poem on mothers day but for me each day of my life I had lived with my mother was Mothers day.

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13 Comments on "I Remember You Dear Amma"

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Laya Sarath

Savi dear..this is such a wonderful remembrance..so much of love towards Amma..perfect…you coudnt have written better than this dear..I am proud of you and my respects to you dear……Your amma is a beauty..

ammu sachariah

Savi, really a touching one. Amma is a powerful word. No one can erase that word from our heart. Wonderful

Viswas Menon

Mother is an all encompassing personality …and your mom …am sure was a great personality ….and she is indeed very lucky to have had you as one of her daughters….so much love…so much of bonding…so much of feeling …has been brought out in this poetic work of yours …am sure your mom in heaven will be very pleased and proud of you…
wonderful portrait of your mom too….keep writing …regards

Ramapriya Nr

You have brought out some of the most un forgetable moments you had experienced with your mother in such a way that it is like a Live commentary. You have brought back your mother LIVE by giving her such a befetting tribute. Nice to feel your intense Love to your mother flooding out from your Eyes. A master piece of write up indeed


Love, sadness, tragedy all woven into beautiful words, touching the soul! Beautifully melancholic I say!

ramakrishnan chatakondu

……..Amma …..
………………..you never taught us how to love…..
……………………….after all why should you when you had already passed it to us through your genes…
..but at least you could have taught us how to forget somebody whom we love ….
….when they leave us forever…….
…………………………I will hate you for this…..forever .

Raghavendran Ramachandra Rao

Mothers are always epitome of love and affection. They live for their children and never considers their own comfort and well being. The graphic details in the poem shows the fine feelings you carry in your heart for your lovely mother.


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