My Friend, The Wind

I sit under a tree on a hillock of soft dewy grass
My face caressed by the gentle breeze
My windy friend, whence came you, whither are you headed?

In times of sadness, it sighs consolingly in my ears
Even moving the leaves to nod in sympathy
In joyful times, it dances its tune, bringing to life fallen leaves

I never cease to wonder the tales it carries
From lands afar and places without season
Of voices of love in mystifying languages

My windy friend you make me ponder
How I wish to grasp your windy tail
And follow you on your windy adventures!

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kwai chee low

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From young, I have a love for the English Language and have been a voracious reader of novels, getting my fill from the British Council and later at the U.S.I.S. Clearly the writing style of UK and American authors is different.It is only about three years ago that I ventured into the world of poetry, and starting to pen my own poems. I find it gratifying and fulfilling to have an opportunity to put my thoughts, feelings and emotions into poems and haiku.
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A beautiful ode to a wonderful friend called wind! Amazing!

Geetha Paniker

The winds presence is truly soothing. Beautiful.

ammu sachariah

Wind is a good friend who always try to releave our sorrows with its cool and soft touch.


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