When The Night Falls

When The Night Falls short poem

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When the Night Falls:

Into their nests and roosts,
the birds of heaven return;
yes, into their pens-
the domestic animals of the
land return.
Into their holes, crevices, and
the lowly and mighty in the wild
but for man,
into different ways, he returns.

When night falls,
the stars, moons, and
the planetary heavens
become aglow with lights;
but upon the earth-
darkness envelops mankind.

At night, sea and ocean
become less agitated,
the peace of a flowing river
becomes invisible;
the forest and everything in it,
becomes still and quiet.

When night falls-
not even the noble, nor
prince it respects,
all mortals, the lowly and
mighty-night treats equally.

When night comes,
the rowdy and noisy day-
gives way-to-
pin-drop-silence of the night;

Tempestuous wind of the day-
goes into a deep sleep, and
the furious afternoon cyclone
becomes calm as it treats night
with awe and reverence.

At night, words spoken
afar or nearby, you hear with
whistling and hissing-
the underlining messages
you can easily decode.

Night, the everlasting-
window between-
two different worlds;
night closes window to end
the day before,
but opens same window to
herald a new dawn with
hope and aspiration.

Night-the observatory-
laboratory to assess the day,
yes, the surgical room
to dissect and to analyze
activities of human daily

Day and night may be-
yes, siblings of
time and season,
with equal length.

Siblings-that know not
themselves as they go in
continuous cycle, which
creates change for mankind.

Without subjects-both are kings
astonishingly, they reign;
indomitable day rules over
light, by the same light-
always it has its say;

The mighty night rules over
even as the
celestial bodies give light afar,
light dwarf by over-reach
regardless, night always and
continuously has its way.

Night that comes-
with many challenges-
yes, it comes with,
tomorrow’s optimism,
which may or may not be.

Regardless, we love to
have you around us-
Night! Night!! Night!!!
When next are you coming?
We await your arrival.

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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Enjoyed your poem!


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