The Invited Guest

The Invited Guest short poem

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The Sun was angry all ablaze
Radiating the heat on helpless men
Dust ruled the air with no one to abide
Eyes were in search of cloud that is wet and dark.
Soul was in search of a fresh air
Then was the arrival of an invited guest.
Mother earth embraced him as her own child
The pattering sound slashed my ears
The smell of wet soil lashed my nose
There I heard a thunder bolt.
A bewildered excitement made me arise.
Ran to the window and stretched my hand.
To feel the presence of the invited guest
Air was cool and fresh, filled with the smell of wet soil.
The dust was suppressed that ruled the air.
Smile blossomed in the lips of men with Plough.
The tiresome days are not permanent.
Beautiful days are compelled to arrive.
Let us live Today expecting a beautiful Tomorrow

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Abhaya Diwakar

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For some, life is a search for truth. That's the struggle in their life. For me, I have found the truth. My struggle is to stand by it.
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With the rains nearing, such a beautiful welcome song to the most awaited guest of the year:) lovely!


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