Soul Chutney

Soul Chutney short poem

Drown I want to in the sweet buzz you create, tunes of wilderness, in my ear, in my mind.

Your hue I want to engulf myself, dance in bare nakedness, leave all shame behind, self behind.

One whiff of you makes me remember not, the men and women, the love and hate, the burden of it all.

Trade I will my soul for what you offer, that point in the universe, I’m so ready for the fall.

Soar in your glory, I want.

The heady feeling, I want.

Respect I will the birth-cord that brought me to you, for I will now run free and wild.

Freedom, you are the parent; I’m just the humble obeying child.

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Archana Kamath

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I am an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. A self taught artist who seeks freedom of expression through art,crafts and words. Bold and unassuming with the ideas and technique,I derive inspiration from a childlike point of view of things around myself. I write and paint in the absence of hesitation brought by non adherence to social logic and influenced debates.I write about my trysts with pain,love,joy,freedom and the journey of it all. My relationship with poetry is at its charming beginning, a quest with thrilling ups and downs. And my experience with writing is like Robert Frost rightly quoted,‘Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.’
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Editorial Board

One word that sums up this poem ‘Exhilarating!’. One wants to fly with the author and revel in that sense of freedom.

Chandrama Deshmukh

Feelings are so freakin mutual!
“Freedom, you are the parent; I’m just the humble obeying child.”


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