The Little Muffin King

The Little Muffin King short poem

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Hi there,I’m your “Little Bit”of a muffin king.To keep my”Little Bit”of a fur coat clean,
I tie a “Little Bit”of an apron around my waist.
For my grandma I’m creating a surprise!Grandma loves bran muffins.
Bran muffins are grandma’s favorite.”King Little Bit”shall make bran muffins.
Being a “Little Bit,”it takes me a while to get all of the ingredients together.
I am “The Little Bit of a Muffin King”.
Standing on a chair,on my hind legs with my tail flat on the platform ,to keep my balance.
Using my front paws to lift the ingredient packages and measure out the right amounts of the wet and dry.The dry ingredients are spooned into the wet mixture.
Sitting back on my haunches,with the mixing bowl held tight to my chest,as a back stop,
“Little Bit”madly whisks the “Little Muffin Kings”recipe until totally blended.
With the greased muffin tin beside the bowl of batter,bran muffin mix is transferred.
Hot paws are not my thing!I give my “Master”a please help me kiss,and ask for help in putting the muffin pan into the oven.Ah….Thank you Mom.
With “King-Little Bit’s”muffins helped into the oven;our timer is set.
Ah!The magnificent aroma fills our kitchen.The timer bell rings.My Master remembers that hot paws are not my thing.”King Little Bit’s”master helps remove “King Little Bit’s grand entree from the hot!oven.Grandma’s bran muffins,created with class.Thank you Mom.

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I found the whole idea really cute:) Good work:)


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