Born To Live

Born To Live short poem

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Will stand alone, challenging time.
In the world, which never seems to be mine-

Fake people, shallow souls,
Sometimes, even my shadow was not mine.

Betrayal and breaking trust,
Was a routine and was absolutely fine.

Playing with people’s emotions-
Was nothing brutal, but a way of life.

Dual face and hypocrisy would shine
People of virtue were considered as a mere waste of time.

Be on your own, have a strong heart and an artificial smile
was the lesson given, over a period of time.

The only question which bangs my mind-
We come alone and no one bothers to die on our side,

Then why to lead a life, that just pleases others, while we mere survive ?
When we will be our real self, expressive and free of narrow and shallow mind?

When we will demand the right to design our life?
And live it the way, as we desire or feels right?

No matter who stands by my side…
How much time it will require to face the storms and odd tides,
I will stand alone, challenging time,
As I believe, we all are born to live… With pride..Head held high.

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Prachi Shrivastava

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I understand myself as a creative person, who has zeal to live, no matter what comes down the way. Research fellow by profession in the field of Human Development and Family Studies, loves to write, dance, read, travel and explore life, culture and food. Loves to be with nature and tries to find happiness and spark in every bit and pieces of life. Motto: " Don't mere survive, live and celebrate the event called LIFE"
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It’s one right we all are born with…thoughtful and beautiful!


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