Living On The Nose Of A Moose

Living On The Nose Of A Moose short poem

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It isn’t easy living on the nose of a moose.
Especially, if the big brute is charging
Through the spruce.
You must think quick,when Mr. Moose decides to Drink.
“Mr Moose,” tries to drown me each time.
“Mr Moose”Forces his shoveled head beneath the surface
of a wilderness pond foraging for tender aquatic food.
Quite often “Bull Moose” music is heard,
“Bull Moose” music is philipherous,but a tad smelly,
My word!
I’d rather be living on the nose of the moose,
Than on the other end,where everything rattles
Living on the nose of a moose isn’t easy!
But by living on the nose,I’m riding up front.
Quite often “Mr.Moose’s” brother will grunt.
I’m a flea! I am quite knowledgeable at reading the nose of a moose…
Abasinian,yes! that’s me. Mr. Moose’s flea.
I know exactly where this massive bunch of bull wants to go.
By living on the nose of dear “Mr. Moose” I help keep the monster away from the spruce.
Living on the nose of dear “Mr. Moose” I’ve traveled every trail across the alpine.
I’ve traveled through wilderness valleys of challenging grades.
“Mr. Moose,” this nose of yours is mine!
I will be with you whereever you go.
” Mr. Moose” your nose is tender,meaning that you are young.
Making my life upon the bridge of your nose much more challenging.
Thank you for the free ride dear “Mr. Moose,”
As a flea, I couldn’t ask for more.

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I found the poem funny as well as a beautiful description of wonderful nature:)


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