Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss short poem

Better I not know
the truth and
remain aloof of
the fact,
at times it is best
to ignore and
just like that.
Some truths are painful
they cause
lot of uneasiness, but
ignorance seldom
keeps you guarded and
be a sentinel to
your happiness.
I don’t want to
dig deep,
in fact-
I don’t want to
dig at all,
what sense does it make
I’m not interested
after all.
I’ll not chase to
know the truth;
also I don’t care if
anything I did miss,
I am content with
my ignorance
for being ignorant
sometimes is a

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5 Comments on "Ignorance is bliss"

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Editorial Board

Interesting thoughts conveyed through this verse, in a world so enamored by truth, maybe sometimes it’s best not to know..skillful writing @Abhishek_Jain


Ah Brilliant sometimes the blissful state is very good, as long as we can hop back into reality with all its ups and downs from time to time. I myself am bliss-fully happy—-sorry just smiling not at you with you. I enjoyed the read

Nikita Mehendiratta

Hmm.. This answered my question of why ignorance is a bliss..


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