Swallowed by the dark

Swallowed by the dark short poem

the desire “to be” has made me so
lost my “Querencia” in transit
the crack in my soul ( for the light to get in )
has been filled-up with “God knows what”
where is my Elysian that I dreamt of
I’m not me ,

Learning was my desire ,
not – “to be taught”
it took its toll and I’m in a fire
that doesn’t hurt (burn) me
but I see ashes falling around
I’m supposed to be a vagar
but instead ,
they made me walk in a straight line
crying for existence
please just let me be …..

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Simranjit Singh

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A Straight-Edge Musical PsychopathJust trying to be human , & to make and be happy !!!!!and i write ..............!!X!!
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Editorial Board

A heartfelt cry of a soul that feels a misfit…interesting reference to the Querencia and Elysium reflecting how one feels corrupted by the mores of everyday life and the world around..Excellent piece of writing @simran-aman!


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