To Mis Justina Of Rokai Ii

To Mis Justina Of Rokai Ii elegy

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It is said, that suffering shows the truth.
Only the sufferer discovers light of Being.
Light contains seven colors.
Yet I didn’t manage to catch the Rainbow.

It is said, that suffering is, what is True.
I know! I know! I need no education!
I always tread barefoot on thorns.
And it was joyable to dream about kisses, caresses…

Some say that heartache strengthens.
Comes evening… And it’s time to face.
Dreams leave me alone
And heart is pierced by dagger of loneliness.

Yes, there is truth in these sayings.
I know exactly, what I am missing.
I desire for you.
And I understand, why I am single:

I as if squirrel in iron circle of iron cage
Always run to you.
But the more I scoot,
The more I fag out.

And thus I remain in the same circle.
In the same cage.
I need to break out from this jail.

Therefore, likely, it is said,
That, when suffering tortures you –
You have to do that, what you still didn’t.

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Giedrius Koncius

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Born in 1986 in Lithuania. Poetry has "infected" me through love poems, especially through W. Shakespear's sonnets. I have read all the classical poetry in lithuanian, so I learn english in order to be able to read english poetry loosly. I also write, but first in lithuanian and later I translate them into english in order to gain some popularity, because Lithuania is too small country to make your amateur poetry popular. Thanks to the High On Poems for creating conditions to break through.
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I simply loved these lines ‘That, when suffering tortures you –
You have to do that, what you still didn’t.’


ammu sachariah

Beautiful poem. You should never be in the same circle . You and your thoughts are not to be locked in the cage. Keep writing.


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