A Note To Mum On Mother’s Day

A Note To Mum On Mothers Day short poem

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I do apologize
Giving you credit on your day, Mother
You’d think you fell into oblivion
And to memory you come occasionally, Mother
You’d think the stream of my love
From my heart stops flowing, Mother
You’d think my eyes
Look up no more to you, Mother
I do apologize
Paying you tribute on a day, Mother
Writing notes, shedding tears and moaning
Blowing off memory dust
Living in a remote past
You’d think I think of you no more
You’d think my life without you I adore, Mother
I do apologize
Mother’s Day I should abhor, Mother
On Mother’s Day
I do remember not having you around
I do hear echoes of your voice
I do have a world where I live alone
I do feed feelings with souvenirs
I do cherish memories of your own
Mother’s Day, Mother
An aching memory of your blown out light
A candle burnt out
A family no longer bright
A heart that lost sight
A life missing what is in me alive
You are all the Love
You are all the Poems
You are all the Dreams
You are all the memories
You are all the Days
Mother, I do miss you.

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Teacher of English A great passion for creative writing : I write poems, short stories and fables in English. I'm married to Moncef Dziri.I have a daughter and two sons
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A beautiful tribute of love to a wonderful mother:) Heart warming and touching!


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