The God

The God short poem

“i am no Ram, i am no Rahim,
I am no Jesus, i am just your dream”,

I am the thought, i am the fear,
Sometimes in your smile, sometimes in tears.

I am not a father who till the end will hold your hand,
I am just a shepherd and till the end will just hold up the lamp,

I have sent you in life with weapons of might,
No not you stop ever,till the end you have to fight,

You might lose, you might fall,
But if you give up only you are to blame,

I will watch the game like a lame.
Every time you stand, you stand at a point

There are roads infinite, roads you have to claim,
You have to choose your path…I will just hold up the lamp.

The road can be dark…The road can be green,
It can be as rosy as the harem of the queen,

You have you choose the path i will just hold up the lamp.
But stop never move on forever,

No not fear..No not eyes with tears,
But if you fear then you believe

“i am Ram..I am Rahim
I am Jesus …I am not just your dream”

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Perfectly nailed it! God is our guide throughout our lives….beautiful!


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