A blue flower
its petals
and distorts
the morning mist
with its heady fragrance ….

love emerges from
the dew kissed
lips of a

string of pearls
the nape of
a damsel in love

the serene
is killed by
whispers of
sweet nothings

in the heart of

A kiss planted
on her cheeks
into a

a blade of grass
to the
chirping of
a sparrow…

In the womb
of life
love is conceived

In the meters
of poetry
a rhyme
love slithers with love
love entwines with love
love merges with love
love melts with love
love spurts with love
love pulsates with love
love passionate with love
embraces love
in a tight hug …

Bliss pauses
for a while
In the womb of life
a love is conceived!!!

flirts around
like butterflies ….
in love

to emerge
with time
as a legacy of
a couple of love!!!

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8 Comments on "Bliss"

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ammu sachariah

Excellent . Love dances in the heart of silence………………Well written.
I liked it Viswas Menon.


Love, beauty and the conception…I say its simply awesome:)

Savi Mani

Oh what a loving love filled poem………In the womb
of life love is conceived………….so beautiful so loving thoughts………excellent awesome poem……….you have a very different style of writing poems……short crispy words……….yet the continuity is never broken……….awesome superb……..
……can only say am in love with your poems………

Geetha Paniker

Beautifully written.



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