Only Memories

Only Memories short poem

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The wind blows, but I feel not the breeze
The moon and stars on parade above
Have lost their glow and magic

The campfire crackles with its wavering flames
But I feel not its warmth

Friends singing, a blur of faces
Drifting as with the flow of the waves
Dashing towards the shore

I am numb and cold, with yesterday’s memories
Your endearing eyes and lips, they still call to me
I feel your presence even though you are gone

If only for a moment, even for a fleeting moment
I may feel your embrace once more

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From young, I have a love for the English Language and have been a voracious reader of novels, getting my fill from the British Council and later at the U.S.I.S. Clearly the writing style of UK and American authors is different.It is only about three years ago that I ventured into the world of poetry, and starting to pen my own poems. I find it gratifying and fulfilling to have an opportunity to put my thoughts, feelings and emotions into poems and haiku.
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A certain pain lingers somewhere in the poem…nevertheless, a wonderful poem:)


@kwaicheelow sir, this is such a beautiful piece of poem…. Which wonderfully describes the longing to see that someone 🙂

Randall Smith

I’m sorry but I saw and felt a lot of hurt in this. but a good poem will take you inside with the poet and you have done this

Giedrius Koncius

Great. It is said that loneliness makes us more subtle, more sensitive and makes us to revalue, what is valuable and what is not. Lonely love make us kind. Thank you for sharing.


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