Keep A Smile And Carry On

Keep A Smile And Carry On short poem

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Keep a smile and carry on,
Every day is a mystery, never known.
A new day, a new light,
That’s the only way to feel alive.
A day to rise, a day to fall,
A day to learn, a day to love,
A day to stay, the next to move on and explore
A day will come as a call for one’s growth
A night will follow soon, to make the path pitch dark,
It will make things difficult, will confuse the heart.
That’s the call for hope and faith,
That’s the call for self awakening- one has to take.
Night will get darker, obstructing the path.
But keep a smile, face the night, eye to eye,
As the dawn, next morning will be the most liberating sight….
A sight of victory, a sight of freedom,
A sight of knowing one’s own self-
A sight of inner peace….. A total celebration

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Prachi Shrivastava

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I understand myself as a creative person, who has zeal to live, no matter what comes down the way. Research fellow by profession in the field of Human Development and Family Studies, loves to write, dance, read, travel and explore life, culture and food. Loves to be with nature and tries to find happiness and spark in every bit and pieces of life. Motto: " Don't mere survive, live and celebrate the event called LIFE"
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Perfectly said! We need to take things in our stride whilst making the journey of life…Amazing!

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Beautiful thoughts Prachi.Introduction is great.Very motivating.cheers.

ammu sachariah

Well written Prachi Shrivastava . Smile always give a positive energy. Smiling face can create a good impression on others too.


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