Birth Right

Birth Right prose poem

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Tear these eyes out of these tired circle of bones,
make them see beauty hidden beneath the frailness
of lost perfection. The doom so seductively draped in velvet
only to offer to the life dance. What I chose is whispered only to
those with a beating heart.
There are soldiers who have learnt to grow roses with their bloody hands
in awe of the expectation of the universal possibility of love.
When the emaciated made their ways to the superficial gallows
a faint fragrance of love devoured their darkness only to produce a miracle
Among all the madness offered to me
Yes it was love that I chose
I believe it was my BIRTH RIGHT

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Eva Hangma Limbu

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currently embarked on a spiritual journey of soul searching..i dun pray anymore as i've realised GOd is not outside..instead i sit in silience n try 2 reach da Divinity within...
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Needless to say, love is everyone’s birthright. You nailed it perfectly:)


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