Dear Make Up

Dear Make Up short poem

Photo by Stefanie Neves 

Dear Make up,

Make-up make-up oh pretty world you are,
Shining on her lips from so far.

Oh how hot and cold you can be,
Dark for kohl and a rosy blush for cheeks so glee.

But darling, darling I want to ask you few things,
If I already know how to fly how can you give me wings?

I do not have to hide my beauty which is so natural,
I know you are fancy foundation to cover my spots but for me that’s collateral.

Lusty and blonde oooohh you can so be!
My spirits are but high and they are better wild and free.

The boys are lining up to have a glimpse of your friendly deer.
And when girls are makeup free they say oh no it can’t be her.

Beauty is not what you think you have recently defined,
Have a look on the one who do not own you but they are much refined.

Darling darling you are not the one whom I need,
My strength from within gives a spark in my life and on that I feed.

Baby you are a nightmare dressed like a daydream.
I am sexy in my own skin and don’t need your lightening cream.

Make up makeup oh so pretty world you are..
I am the one waving you goodbye from far!!


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I too am an advocate of your thoughts, ‘Be Natural’.:) Beautiful:)


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