Flashing Lights

I know where I’m going,
Though I’m in no rush to get there.
I have time to myself,
And I will let my journey take me,
To where my fate decides.

I see some flashing lights across the road
Which I’ve not seen before, much less visited.
Keeping to my personal mantra,
And my curiosity raised,
I cross the road,
Wandering if this will be the greatest,
Or more likely,
Worst bar, that I’ve ever been to.

As I get closer
I can hear music,
To go with the flashing lights;
This seems promising.

I’m greeted by two attractive girls at the entrance,
My mind re-evaluates
That this might be a restaurant,
Or a strip club,
But not a bar.

I walk down the stairs,
My curiosity further raised;
After all ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’
I tell myself,
15 minutes to drink a beer
And then move onto another place.
A no lose situation.

I enter.
A smart place,
Good décor,
Nice music,
But few people;
I should’ve known,
There were no cars outside.

I sit,
Order a beer,
Write this little poem
About entering an unknown bar
Purely on the basis that there were flashing lights,
Finish my beer,
And continue my night time walk.

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Sometimes its just best to let live lead us on….Nice read!


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