Soul’s Quest

Souls Quest short poem

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Soul, What is happiness?
The feel we get when we defeat someone?
Or the one which we get when we know that we have won someone?

Is it the winning of an argument?
And the losing of a friend?

Or the losing of an argument?
And the winning of a friend?

Words are cunning
And so are fantasies

But what is more important?
Living up to the dogma?
Or going the other way round?

Oh my dear soul, kindly realize
All that you have just asked now
Has been asked long long before

Soul continues lamenting-
Holy universe
The amazing beauty
The undefinable awe
The mystic maze

I truly believe that every question has an answer
And mine should have one too
Why is it that when I put my heart and soul
And get lost in thoughts all night and day
‘Bout someone or something
I ultimately end up being the one left back?

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Enjoyed reading your poem:)

Funkekeme Akposeye




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