Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas short poem

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Mellow wintry wind starts to blow.
From the corner of the sky there is a pinkish glow.
A fluttering and dancing rose smiles at the sky.
In such ways Lord Jesus opens His eyes.

Pink rays of happiness wrap old tree.
Boundless joys and boundless cheers come on the little rose tree.
All trees and flowers, as if, dance
With happy glance.

The declares, “Be glad.”
Smiling faces come like blood.
The glad stands only not for one.
But for whole human who is painted with colour of union.

There is no crush, there is no clash.
Because it’s the Merry Christmas.
Ebullient and mellow love comes from our Jesus.
He spreads the love rays of link
Where all men belonging different religion
Want to sink.

In the southern, northern, eastern and western zone
Happy is heart, happy is mind, happy is pink flesh and every bone.
Little hearts of little children
Want to make peaceful union.
John, Joseph, Abbas, Gurgeet adorn to sink
Into this musical day.
They are not grim but gay.
Gathering roses, they dip into the light of link
Where they find themselves
As brother
For each other.

White candles for Him, are kept in hands to hands.
Amalgamation of flesh and blood of whole human pours the real juice for the land.
This day loves to sing the melodious triumphant song
That is so long.

Clean and pure, green and fresh, white and bright notice
So, the day spreads stainless peace.
Everywhere in the world the drops of love and blooms of smiling faces
Everywhere in the land love and grace
Are spread among the human
Who are bound with lovely union.

Prayer and their praying devote to Jesus.
All mouths greet each other “Merry Christmas.”

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Must say, you captured the spirit of festive christmas just rite! Too good:)


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