Writing Poetry

Writing Poetry short poem

He said it was not easy,
Not that easy, writing poetry.
But I didn’t think so.
(Yeah! I thought of it though.)

I sent him my blueprint,
He laughed and laughed…
It’s not that easy, you see
Your’s all wilderness.

Where are the inner meanings?
Where are the metaphors?
Had it been that easy,
Everyone would have been poets by now.

I sighed, but wrote again.
He sent me a copy
Of his friend’s piece,
Who was a writer.

You see, this is how it should be written,
A total ‘finished product’,
Not the raw things (like your’s),
THINK before you write.

I thought and thought…
But couldn’t write a word.
Then I wrote something
My PhD dissertation began.

He seemed happy
Finally I was getting somewhere.
How many pages did you write today?
Ten pages! That’s great!.

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4 Comments on "Writing Poetry"

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the last two lines are beautiful…epitomizes the entire scenario.

Editorial Board

Welcome to HoP @arpita and such a endearing verse to begin with..the style of your writing is simple and elegant and conveys your intent so succinctly.

Chandrama Deshmukh

Loved how your poem ends.


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